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About My Law Practice

I am attorney John J. Balenovich. At my Charleston law office, John J. Balenovich Law Offices, LC, I provide aggressive and knowledgeable legal counsel to clients in Charleston and throughout West Virginia.

My experience speaks for itself. I have tried over 150 cases in 52 of West Virginia’s 55 counties. All told, I have represented over 2,000 cases in West Virginia and Kentucky. I have been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, was featured on A&E’s television show “The First 48” and have given speeches at legal seminars throughout the state.

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I Understand West Virginia’s Gun Laws And Criminal Defense

I know West Virginia’s legal system — especially its gun laws. Early in my career, I realized that few lawyers understood our state’s gun laws in depth. I took the initiative to learn these laws in great detail, to the extent that I have even taught about gun law at a police academy. Because I understand gun law so thoroughly, I can construct a comprehensive and persuasive case on your behalf. I have the insight that you need when you have been charged with a gun crime or any criminal offense.

A Tough Advocate For Your Unique Situation

Every case is different because everyone’s circumstances are different. Perhaps you are a parent whose college-aged child is facing criminal charges. Maybe you have been charged with a crime yourself. You may be struggling with a family law issue such as divorce. You may be on the brink of bankruptcy.

No matter your issue, I devote my personal attention to the unique details of your case. Whether you need legal assistance with a family legal issue, a criminal charge or bankruptcy, I am here to be a strong advocate in your corner.

When you need assistance with a business matter, I am also a skilled business litigator.

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